Awesome place to play pool and snooker. Super nice owner and staff members. Everyone was really friendly in there and the place is clean and the food is on point. Great fries and wings! Beer is priced cheap and they serve amazing tea. I will be back for sure, thanks for the hospitality.

Frank A.

Thanks to the owner of the place, this is one place where you can play Russian billiards in Los Angeles. Here it is good to relax with your friends! I recommend this place !!!

Ruslan R.

Super nice bartender, nice atmosphere, cheap price, billiard tables not worn out, and the entire place is clean.  Very relaxing place.

Alfred D.

Great place to play pool, very nice and friendly environment and the service is great

Rick H.

It’s nice and spacious, I was able to come with 20+ friends, and we still didn’t overtake the place.   Tables are in great condition, the room doesn’t smell like smoke, the rates are great but I did hear they have increased since I was last there.

There are poker tables, different kind of pool tables for a different kind of game and an area to play darts.   Love this place!

The owner was sweet, if I would come with another girl, he would give us a hour free after we were done playing.

Roxana N.

Went here with two friends this week. Such a nice place. Staff is extremely friendly. Owner checked in on us. Prices are reasonable… and they were playing the Argentina/Ecuador game on the big screen. We had a great time and will happily be back.

Edgar P.

Great place! Everything is clean, organized, put in its place, and just plain awesome. Good environment, great service. Best looking pool tables I’ve ever seen. Hands down the best inside looking billiards I’ve ever been too. Maybe needs a little music but if you request it it’s done. Definitely come back with friends.

Danielle V.